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Studio Theatre

BINODINI KEYA MANCHA is an ambitious project of Rangakarmee. Its a Studio Theatre that aims to patronise experimental ventures and young talents in the field of Theatre.

During this long journey of 36 years, Rangakarmee has faced lot of challenges in different forms. Continue working as a non-commercial theatre organisation is an upheaval task. The problem of space - where the actors can rehearse a play, practice different art forms (as theatre is a culmination of all art forms), organise stage rehearsal and closed door shows had been a major one. Hiring a space has been a very expensive proposal. Moreover, finding a suitable space is a difficult task indeed.

The Studio Theatre called Binodini Keya Mancha - where every month two plays- one by Rangakarmee and one by some other theatre group, will be performed. The maintenance cost of this facility will be raised by the following method:

  • By issuing paid membership to the theatre loving people of Kolkata.
  • By organising sponsored programme for corporate houses/organisations.
  • By collecting donations from individuals and organisations.

We solicit patronage from all theatre lovers for good theatre. The Binodini Keya Mancha will help young but talented groups to showcase their works to theatre connoisseur like you. Though Kolkata is considered to be the cultural capital of India, but spaces for experiments and new ventures by young talents are very few. We believe, Binodini Keya Mancha will help shorten this gap to a great extent.

Please mail us back if you are interested to subscribe to a membership. Membership fee is Rs. 1000 a year.