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About Us

This year, Rangakarmee completes its 36 years. Since its inception in 1976, Rangakarmee has tried to create a niche for itself as a socially committed theatre group which would try to bring changes, for a better society. Rangakarmee, started as a Hindi theatre group, based in Kolkata. Over the years, Rangakarmee has raises its voice of protest, again and again, against all forms of exploitation and oppression prevalent in our society. It has produced a number of plays, travelled extensively throughout the length and breadth of our country and abroad too with these productions. It has its own repertory company which travelled remotest part in our country to convey messages that it tries to portray.

Since its inception in January 1976, Rangakarmee, a Hindi theatre group, has been marching away with a rich repertory of brilliant productions, highly acclaimed all over India and abroad. In these thirty-five years, the group has found for itself a niche in the field of Indian Theatre as it does not use the stage as a means of entertainment only but also as a pointer to social ills. In play after play, fully aware of the social responsibilities that every art form has to bear, the group has travelled extensively and carried relevant messages to the audience of the metropolis as well as to the remotest part of the country. It has in its repertoire plays like Lokkatha, Holi, Rudali, Court Martial, Mahabhoj, Bhor, Kashinama, Ganesh Mahima, Badnam Manto, Himmat Mai, Mukti, Maiyyat, Antaryatra, Chandalika, Manasi to name just a few.

Every year, Rangakarmee take up various projects in tune with its aims and objectives. We would like to narrate here about all these activities:

RANGOLI (A children theatre activity)
The idea behind launching this project was to give the children an exposure to the world of theatre and help develop their creativity and in the process instil the sense of discipline, teamwork and self confidence. It is a great opportunity for these children to unleash their creative talents and receive training to develop and improve their skill. The children not only improve their acting skill, they also strengthen their imagination power and sense of discipline.
The training programme at Rangakarmee for its repertory members, is one of its regular features. Sometimes it is done for few months at a stretch and sometime by workshop method for 7, 10 or 15 days. In house training programme is mostly conducted by the director Smt. Usha Ganguli. Besides, experts from outside are invited from time to time to conduct workshop and training classes with specific goal to achieve.
Binodini Keya Mancha (Studio Theatre)
Binodini Keya Mancha is a tribute to the two women who not only dedicated their lives for but gave a new dimension to the Bengali theatre too. Binodini Keya Mancha is a salute to the undying spirit of these two illustrious actors.

Rangakarmee dedicate this Studio Theatre to the young generation of theatre workers who can come, experiment and display their work to theatre lovers.